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Dropped my iPhone4 in the bath…

So last night, I dropped my iPhone in the bath filled with warm water. It was under the water for about a couple of seconds. Since this is not the first time that I dropped devices in the water (The first time it was my iPod Touch), I know what I needed to do… Dry it!!!

So first, I removed my iPhone case from the device. Then Dried the device with a towel. Turned the power off (the power didn’t go off by itself, which I thought is a good sign for me). Used table tissue to suck water inside of earphone jack and dock connector.

Then rested the phone in a ziplock filled with rice until I get Silica Gel, the magic moisture-sucking powder.

iPhone in rice

It sat there for the night, then I got Silica Gel for Dry flower Art from a local Michael’s first thing in this morning.

I filled Silica gel in tea bags. This is to avoid the powder touching the device directly (in case there’s chemical reaction). 

iPhone in Silica Gel

Now the device is resting on Silica gel bed. (The Silica Gel bag on top of the device came in a bag of rice cakes.) It’ll be there for three days and I’ll try to turn the power on again to see if I could save it.

I actually checked the internet and confirmed that what I did was the right thing.  

I really hope this’ll work!!

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